Union Members

Supplier and Exporter of Iranian Herbs

Production of three-layer and five-layer cartons - production of boxes and labels

We are export and import company in agriculture productions

Export Management company in MAPs Sector

Barij Essence Company producing herbal medicine

Production Rose Water, Plant waters, Herbal Distillates, Essential oils, Herbal Syrups Drinks

Agriculture Livestock Marketing, Sales and Exports and Tourism Sector Mohammad Mehdi Arabnejad

First producer of pyramid teabag filter in iran

Producer and exporter of Medicinal herbs and herbal medicines

Exporter of pistachio, saffron, pomegranate juice concentrate, rose bud, rose extract, nuts, dates, raisin, herbal & fruit tea and medicinal herbs

Producing and procurement of medicinal herbs

Maleki commercial company was registered in 2013 Maleki Export Medicinal Herb, Essential Oils , Gum and Date Fruit To The Whole world

Supplier of medicinal plants, spices, dried vegetables, dried fruit, nuts

The first producer of herbal & fruit tea "Dr. Bean" brand with 30 years of experience in cultivation,processing and packaging of herb

Manufacturer of nathral gum and flat fruit

Saharkhiz Agricultural Company, with about 90 years of experience in the field of production, packaging, distribution and export of saffron and other packaged foods, is active in domestic and export

Sourin Tejarat Arman Behin is a private company since 2019

Currently T.R.Salamat Company are able to supply our clients with a variety of quality Herbs , saffron, spiced, gums and other raw materials.


The carefully chosen team of highly qualified scientists and technologists use innovative and safe manufacturing methods to produce highest quality natural plant extracts, oils and active substances.