Rosewater & Distilled Herbs

Distilling is one of the most common forms for consuming herbs. Today, there are more than 40 types of plants in Iran that are distilled and used medicinally. Medicinal Distilled herbs are fragrances or essential oils of the herbs that are added to water. They are aromatic drugs that can stimulate neurotransmitters and stimulate the body's production of heat, metabolism, stress hormone levels, and sexual hormones. The immune system affects our emotional and physical behaviors. These aromatic substances, which are more abundant in the extracts or oils of medicinal plants, stimulate the brain and secrete neurotransmitters, causing certain mental states in humans and creating a feeling of health, happiness, contentment and joy. These odors can reduce stress and, to some extent, pain and creates emotional balance. Highly consumed distilled herb are; rose water, mint, orange flower and musk willow.

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Supplier and Exporter of Iranian Herbs

Exporter of pistachio, saffron, pomegranate juice concentrate, rose bud, rose extract, nuts, dates, raisin, herbal & fruit tea and medicinal herbs

The first producer of herbal & fruit tea "Dr. Bean" brand with 30 years of experience in cultivation,processing and packaging of herb

Producing and procurement of medicinal herbs

Saharkhiz Agricultural Company, with about 90 years of experience in the field of production, packaging, distribution and export of saffron and other packaged foods, is active in domestic and export