Sabz Noosh Kavir

Sabz Noosh Kavir

Sabz Noosh Kavir Co., as subsidiary company of ImanMehr Group, has effective presence in the area of medicinal and nutritional herbs, herbal and fruit tea for everyday use. We are the first producer of Herbal and Fruit Tea in Iran with 100% natural ingredients. We are among the Knowledge Based Companies applying latest technology in our R&D Department. The processing of plants with useful and medicinal properties, as well as the production of herbal and fruit tea in Iran, is considered a new industry. This industry in our country have a significant comparative advantage for production and export due to the climate conditions, variety and quality of medicinal herbs and abundant resources in Iran.

精油和提取物 耕种与生产 口香糖 藏红花 药用植物 玫瑰和精华

Cultivation, procurement and processing of medicinal herbs and production of herbal & fruit tea


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Mr. Iman Rezaie Kamal Abad

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No. 177, 6th floor, Unit 22, Vahid Dastgerdi, Tehran 1919819313, IRAN

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Amir Kabir Industrial Complex, Kashan/Iran

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